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RSA SecurID Token
and ID Badge Holder

Currently we are selling the RSA SecurID Token and Badge Holders here via Paypal Shopping (see below), and on Etsy. Feel free to shop with whichever method you feel most comfortable with. For special requests or for more advanced designs (such as customized holders) please request a custom order on Etsy.

Current color options are: Black, White, Red, Blue, Translucent Blue, Translucent Clear,
Natural (Clear Beige), Gold, Grey, Green, Wood, Pink, Yellow, and Purple.

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You may notice a snug fit getting the RSA token into its home. This is normal, and designed this way to eliminate any rattling or the risk of losing your token if you need to remove your ID for any reason. Should you need to remove the RSA Token, it can be done by giving the holder a good tap face down onto a hard surface and the RSA Token should dislodge.

You badge holder is made from a plant based compostable plastic derived from corn; but is designed to last for many years if well taken care of.

If you spill something on the badge holder, simply wipe it off.

It can also be hand washed with soap and water if needed.

As with any plastic, these badge holders are not immune to heat. Although it should never get hot enough to melt in a hot car, it is possible for the plastic to become soft and deform if left in a very hot environment for a long period of time. So we recommend not leaving your badge holder in a hot car, or in any environment that is too hot for humans.

However if your badge holder has deformed because of the heat and is no longer usable, contact us and we can work with you to resolve your issue.

GREAT! We’d love to hear it! We always strive to be better and improve our products. If you have a suggestion or comment, use the form below to contact us. And if we really really like your idea, we might send you a free badge holder with your suggestion implemented to test out.

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